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About Us

Mad CBD was created in 2016 to give people a high-quality one stop shop for CBD products. With so many options for CBD, we wanted to make it easy for you by bringing you the best CBD products on the market. If it is on madcbd.com, it is sure to be a safe, effective product. Our goal at Mad CBD is to offer our customers an easy, enjoyable shopping experience. If there is something we can do to make your experience smoother, please let us know at officialmadcbd@gmail.com


  • Lexi

    So, to be honest, I was skeptical about CBD working the way it says online. I had never tried it and I was honestly really nervous to try it. I asked Madison some questions, super helpful guy, and decided to see if it’d actually help with my anxiety. He let me try a few products to see if I liked it and to prove that it worked. Well, it definitely does! I tried the Mad CBD gummies and they’re really good! You can taste the CBD but its not overpowering or anything like that. The grape ones are my favorites! Although I loved the gummies, I also wanted to try vaping it. With Madisons advice, I tried Alternative Vape-Blue Cotton Candy. The taste isn’t 100% “cotton candy” BUT its still really good and it works much faster than the gummies. You just feel a sense of calmness and stress relief. I’d definitely try it. So all in all…..Madison was super helpful and cool!; the products I got tasted good!; CBD actually worked for me.; and I’d definitely recommend you trying it!

  • james martin

    Ordered some cbd oil and bath bomb hopefully it helps my back from wreck in army. Thanks

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